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Contextual Ambidexterity

Contextual Ambidexterity

At NIMBUS, we use a theoretical approach called contextual ambidexterity within our own business and with strategic partners focused on growth.  While many firms use different approaches to marketing, this approach guides us before we ever get to campaigns, content, and creative.  We look at opportunities holistically for optimal results.

When a person is ambidextrous, they are evenly skilled in each hand, right or left.  At NIMBUS, we believe that to get optimal results in business, a company must be evenly skilled at making the existing business stronger while simultaneously exploring new opportunities that can help the business grow.

Left hand
Exploit the present by improving existing business

Low Risk

Incremental Change

Profit & Cost



Adaptive & Loose

Bold & Visionary

Innovation & Growth

Breakthrough & Revolutionary


Right hand
Explore the future by creating new and disruptive business

With exploit, we focus on improving existing business tactics by making small refinements to make to increase results.  These are incremental changes that are low-risk and offer moderate improvements.  By focusing on this approach, each company gets to improve on the quality of the product or service while optimizing things like cost and profit.

With exploration, we develop new and disruptive business opportunities.  These are the blue ocean, never done before initiatives that may be risky, but the payoff is even bigger than the risk.  These are revolutionary ideas that help the business grow more than small incremental changes.